The Top 6 Reasons why the smartest companies invest more in their office space.

by Gregory Kraut – December 10, 2019

So why do the smartest companies lease the best office space?  They realize it’s all about the employee.

The newest generation of workers tend to change jobs more frequently both for advancement and variety. With technology, it is easier than ever for talented people to find new work no matter where they are. This a challenge that all companies face, but there are good solutions and KPG can help with some of them.

1. Employee Satisfaction

Smart companies realize that keeping employees satisfied with their work environment is more than just office culture. Employees want a great office environment in the best location and neighborhood surrounded by high quality restaurants and retail options where they love to come to work.

2. Employee Retention

Employees who feel at home in their office space are more likely to stay with their employer longer than those who do not. Having a great space makes all the difference.

3. Employee Recruiting

Finding the right employees can be challenging and competitive – and for the younger generation of employees, modern furnishings and great amenities (gym, kitchen, secure bike storage etc) are increasingly important. Having the best office space gives you the edge in attracting new recruits through traditional advertising, direct recruiting, and word of mouth.

4. Employee Productivity

Whether it is quality collaborative space, productive meeting rooms, or well considered break out tables, having the right blend of open and private space, while eliminating the ‘closed-door’ feel of old, can help your employees stay productive.

5. Employee Morale

When your employees feel positive about their work environment, they are more likely to feel that they can achieve their career goals – keeping morale high.

6. Employee Wellness

A healthy employee is a happy employee. Opportunities to bike to work with secure bike storage, easy to access exercise rooms and showers, and nearby green space all contribute to employee wellness, fewer sick days, and happier employees.

KPG Funds has some of the best office buildings in the best and most desirable locations in New York City where employees love to work. Talk to us today to for a VIP tour of your next office.


Secure the best office space in the best buildings in New York City.

Gregory Kraut

Managing Partner, KPG Funds